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Is Pre-Owned Software "As Good As New"?

Posted by Discount Licensing on Aug 28, 2019 11:46:26 AM

Is pre-owned software as good as new

Many people liken pre-owned software to second-hand objects, assuming that there will be signs of usage - but this isn’t true. Pre-owned software is as good as new with every fresh install. There are no mechanical aspects and there are no moving parts, so there is no way to “wear out” a piece of software. As long as software is installed on the appropriate hardware, it will be as responsive, usable, and suitable for your business as ever – even if it has been used before.

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More and more businesses are turning to vendors such as Discount-Licensing who sell pre-owned Microsoft volume licences as an alternative to "brand new" software as offered by the traditional LSP, distributor or reseller. Buying from a legitimate pre-owned software reseller is an excellent way to affordably and legally get access to the software versions and editions that your business needs and not necessarily the latest versions as traditional resellers demand that you buy.

Pre-owned software is ideal for supporting a growing team, satisfying a licence shortfall to remain compliant or implementing a hybrid software platform. Pre-owned software allows employees to continue to use software programs which they are familiar with, removing the need to learn new layouts and system changes often introduced with the latest versions, thus maintaining productivity. Pre-owned software helps stretch your IT budgets, freeing up cash for other IT projects that have perhaps been postponed due to other budgetary demands.

Discount-Licensing sources all its software from within the EU/EEA from companies that no longer have a requirement for them. Companies who sell their surplus software licences do so for many reasons including Cloud migration, reduced head count, mergers and acquisition, or having purchased a new licence agreement from a different vendor.

So Why Is Pre-Owned Software Cheaper?

Pre-owned software is cheaper because it has been purchased, installed and put to use by a previous owner within the EU/EEA. Companies that sell their surplus software to Discount-Licensing do so to recoup money back from their initial software investment. That software purchased by Discount-Licensing is often the latest version/edition, so buyers of pre-owned software have an opportunity to obtain very recent versions at a much lower price when compared to brand new licences or alternative cloud offerings.

Using A Trusted Reseller

Discount-Licensing are a registered Microsoft Partner – and a trustworthy reseller of pre-owned Microsoft volume software licences who performs all due diligence to ensure compliancy with the EU Software Directive 2009. It’s important to remember when buying used software to always buy from a reputable seller who understands the licensing and the legalities surrounding the safe purchase and transfer of pre-owned software. Discount-Licensing offer complete transparency with the software that they trade. A full and complete audit trail is essential to remain compliant including full disclosure of software licence numbers, activation keys and original end user information/confirmation.

Discount-Licensing provides sales and purchasing quotations for pre-owned software within 24 hours of enquiry. Alternatively, if you would like further information please call us on +44 1283 511524 to discuss your options. We have offices around Europe and can provide support in multiple languages – get in touch today!

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