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How Does A Microsoft Office Software Licence Work?

Posted by Discount Licensing on Sep 27, 2018 11:00:00 AM

How Does A Microsoft Office Software Licence Work

Microsoft office is one of the most frequently used software packages used around the world. The complete package allows you to do almost everything that is needed for a business to function, from writing documents in Word to managing financial records in Excel and even creating visual presentations in PowerPoint. Almost every company uses at least one of these programs on a regular basis.

Because of their popularity it becomes essential for businesses to be able to access and edit these files as they are the most likely file types that clients and other businesses will send to you. In order to access, use and edit these documents, your business needs a Microsoft Office Licence.

What Does A Microsoft Office Licence Do?

The actual Microsoft programs and software are free to download and once fully installed you can use this download to view any existing Microsoft files. However you can do all this without a licence key. If you want to do anything more with Microsoft files such as edit, review or create new documents (and let’s face it, your business will need to), then you require a Microsoft Office Licence.

A licence is essentially password permit for you to activate Microsoft Office once you have entered your Licence key into the program, you will get full functionality and will be able to access all of the features of Microsoft Office.

How Does The Product Activation Work?

Product activation checks that the Microsoft Office Licence key you have entered is a) a valid licensing key and b) has not already been used on more computers than allowed. Products can be activated either online or over the telephone, with online activation being performed automatically and taking only a few seconds, whereas telephone verification takes a few more steps often lasting a few minutes.

Microsoft Authorised Resellers

Because the vast majority of businesses use Microsoft Office, there are many software licence assets that have been purchased directly from Microsoft / resellers, but have not been used and are no longer needed. This might be because companies are downsizing, going out of business or even just overestimated their needs. To stop these additional licence keys from going to waste, pre-owned Microsoft resellers buy these disused software licence assets and then resell them to businesses at a much lower price than they would be charged by conventional Microsoft resellers.

Therefore, for any business looking to expand or remain licence compliant, it becomes far more cost effective to buy software licences from a pre-owned Microsoft resellers rather than through the conventional channels. In addition, an authorised Microsoft reseller, that also has experience with pre-owned software reselling, can give you advice and support regarding the specific version of Microsoft Office that would be right for your business, as well as offering you installation support, as well as post sales support e.g.: Microsoft audits etc.

At Discount-Licensing, we pride ourselves on being a Microsoft authorised reseller who can offer businesses software licences at an extremely affordable rate. For more information about our services, or for advice on which Microsoft office is right for your business, please contact us here.

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