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Are People Waking Up To The Cloud?

Posted by Discount Licensing on Mar 4, 2021 2:52:24 PM



There was a time, fairly recently in fact, when the "cloud" was seen as the be-all and end-all of the ways businesses were going to manage their data in the future. As a business owner, you yourself have already had multiple offers to join cloud-based services, offering all manner of supposed benefits.

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But is the cloud really all it's cracked up to be? As time goes on, more and more people seem to be saying no.

Slowing Growth And Changing Outlooks

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google recently released their latest user figures for their cloud-based platforms, AWS and Azure and Google's cloud-based service. The figures, contrary to projections, actually show growth slowing throughout the various platforms - which could be construed as troubling news given the way cloud use was projected to be exponential.

Why Are People Turning Away From The Cloud?

Does the cloud have its benefits? Of course - every piece of software installation and managed IT service has its benefits - but the issues are arising because the cloud in many ways is proving to not be as useful as the marketing would lead you to suggest.

The first issue is security, and the transfer of your security considerations to your cloud service provider - namely your data security is only ever as good as theirs is. That's not to infer cloud providers are lacklustre in their security measures, but there is a very considerable leap of trust required which many business owners are shying away from. For many, it offers a much more compelling argument to simply handle their security measures internally.

Another very serious roadblock to the supposed supremacy of the cloud is the concept of ownership - it offers none. All it offers is a potentially endless subscription service, and many business owners are deciding they instead prefer to actually buy and own their software licensing.

Is The Cloud Your Only Option?

No, far from it. At Discount-Licensing we still stock a broad range of affordable software solutions suitable for the needs of every business. Whether you have a specific software requirement or you just want something to make your word processing and spreadsheets easier to complete, you'll find what you need. You can own it outright across the licence installation limit, and it can offer you considerable savings against new software or monthly cloud subscriptions.

If keeping your software in-house appeals to you, you're not alone, and you'll find the software you need at Discount-Licensing.

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