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Microsoft Price Increases and Important Changes To The Way SMEs Purchase M365 Licensing

With Cloud-Based Software, Who Really Saves Money?

Softwarelizenzen und Übertragbarkeit: Die Folgen des Brexit

What You Need To Know When Selling Your Software

Brexit Update: Good News For Software Licence Resellers

Long Live Perpetual Microsoft Office Licensing!

Are People Waking Up To The Cloud?

Discount Licensing BREXIT Statement 2021

Microsoft Proves The Continuing Popularity Of Perpetual Licences

Microsoft Sues Another Rogue Software Licence Vendor

Looking to Replace Office 2010? (Benefits of Choosing Perpetual Software Licences)

Before you Move to Office 365, Sell your Unused Software Licences

Unused Software Licences In Academia: How You Can Recoup Some Costs

Beware Rogue Traders - Be Vigilant In The Online Software Licence Marketplace

3 Benefits Of Buying Pre-owned Microsoft Office 2016 Licences From The Pre-Owned Market

When Is Capital Expenditure Better Than Operational Expenditure? This Is When.

The Software Directive 2009 & How It Applies To Pre-Owned Software

You Don’t HAVE To Make The Jump To The Cloud – Perpetual Software Has A Lot Of Benefits

250 Million Microsoft Customer Records Leaked Online

Buy Software Licences At A Fraction Of The Price

Is Pre-Owned Software "As Good As New"?

Second-hand Software: Legalities & Business Models

Discount-Licensing To Attend Wisdom 2019

Will My Used Software Licence Expire Or Need Renewing?

Will Buying Pre-owned Software Limit What Functions I Have Available?

Should You Buy A New Microsoft Licence Or Get Used Software?

Here's How Easy It Is To Buy Used Microsoft Software

How Does A Microsoft Office Software Licence Work?

Microsoft struggles against self-inflicted Office 365 IMAP outage

Beware Secondary Software FUD

Don't sit on a valuable intangible software asset - Sell it

Discount-Licensing Ltd Corporate Video - "Recycling Microsoft Software Licensing"

Bank of England CIO: ‘Beware of the cloud, beware of vendors’

Don't Move To The Cloud

Commercial ‘Cloud’ Dwarfed by ‘Perpetual’ Software Licence Spend

Microsoft case no obstacle to future growth: Discount-Licensing

Microsoft must disclose data held in Dublin datacentre, rules US federal judge

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why

Software licensing: SAP terms and conditions are not above European law

Navigating The Used Software Market

The IT industry must come clean on software licensing

Buyer beware: Millions lost from rip-off software licences

Campaign for Clear Licensing Launched

Hamburg Court Issues Injunction Against Microsoft

EU rules against Oracle on second-hand software licensing

The Art And The Arena

Microsoft VARs Irate At "Knee-Jerk" Licensing Price Shift

‘Usedsoft’ Bankrupt & Business Model Exposed

Top five IT finance and asset management issues

Microsoft volume licensing website takes festive holiday

Trading Surplus Microsoft Agreements

FAST ‘FLAG’ Event: ‘A Legal Eye on Licensing – Resold Software’ – held at Lovells on 23rd June, 2009

FAST IiS: A Legal Eye on Licensing - Resold Software: FLAG event 23rd June

The Legal Protection Of Computer Program

Microsoft Fails To Quash Second-Hand Software Market

Second Hand Software

Trade In Your Software, Urges UK Reseller

Software As Goods

UK Firm Crosses Pond To Sell Preowned Microsoft Licenses

Users Turn To Second-Hand Microsoft Licences

Telco Reuses MS licences

Disclic Finds New Homes For Microsoft Licenses

Second-Hand Microsoft Licences Take Off

Realising The Value Of Software Licences

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